Industrial park Mercedes Benz plant Rastatt

the Mercedes-Benz plant in Rastatt opened its doors in 1992. The plant site also includes an industrial park where supplier companies produce. The Mercedes-Benz plant in Rastatt is the lead plant in the global production network for compact vehicles. With the Mercedes-Benz Customer Center, the location is more than just production. Here, customers can take delivery of their new vehicles directly. In addition to plant tours, there are other offers.

Aerial view industrial park Mercedes Benz plant Rastatt
Name: Mercedes Benz Rastatt plant
Net area: approx. 170 ha
Type of area according to the development plan: GE / GI
Located companies: Mercedes-Benz AG + supplier companies on the industrial park
Jobs: approx. 10,000
Free area (net): -
*of which is owned by the municipality: -
* of which privately owned: -
*Largest available area: -
*Smallest available area: -
*Purchase price in €/m2: -
Ground reference value: 100 €


Stabsstelle Wirtschaftsförderung, Stadtmarketing und Citymanagement
Patrick Greis
Kaiserstraße 51
76437 Rastatt