Mixed area Oberwald

The area is located in the west of the urban area north of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Rastatt. Oberwald has a diverse mix of service providers, businesses, hotel and gastronomy. More than 30 companies are located in the mixed-use area.

Aerial view industrial park Oberwald
Name: Mixed area Oberwald
Net area: approx. 6.7 ha
Type of area according to the development plan: mixed building area / MI
Located companies: approx. 20 settled companies
Free area (net): currently no areas available
*of which is owned by the municipality: -
* of which privately owned: -
*Largest available area: -
*Smallest available area: -
*Purchase price in €/m2: -
Ground reference value: 210 €


Stabsstelle Wirtschaftsförderung, Stadtmarketing und Citymanagement
Patrick Greis
Kaiserstraße 51
76437 Rastatt