Floodplains - Going with the flow

Drawing of a boat

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The Rhine connects across borders

The Rhine River separates and connects. The broad river is a difficult barrier to cross, which makes it a natural border between Germany and France. But what appears to be a separation at first glance is, in fact, a connecting element for floodplain habitats. Water—a vital element—flows through the floodplains on both sides of the Rhine. This creates fascinating natural diversity, even beyond borders.

By ferry to France and back

The driving force connecting the Rhine region is water. Sometimes it forms still lakes or flows quietly through old water loops, also known as oxbow lakes. Sometimes, during large floods, the river overflows into the alluvial forest. Water is the pulsating life force of the floodplain. The non-motorized, yaw cable ferry also uses the water current to cross the river. The Rhine crossing is part of the floodplain tour which continues with 5 stations on the French side. There are also other exciting stations on the German side. Go exploring!

Look at our floodplain - water is everywhere here.

Flooded Rhine floodplain

With one foot always in the water - our floodplain forest.

Rhine meadows with fog over the water

There's plenty of food in the old floodplain lakes. The white stork knows that, too.

Iris in water

The iris thrives especially well in swampy areas.


The water makes its way through the floodplain in branching rivulets and small streams.

Water drop with mayfly larva in it

Life hides in every drop of water. This mayfly larva has made itself at home.

Drawing course of the Rhine

Rivers are natural borders between countries

The Rhine is an important border river with France, among others. However, there are other major border rivers in Germany that separate Germany from other countries. They include, for example:

  • the Moselle (border Germany with Luxembourg)
  • the Salzach (border Germany to Austria)

Choose! Which countries does the Rhine form a natural border with Germany?

Deutschland Belgien Schweiz Frankreich Niederlande Österreich Luxemburg
Drawing of a boat